Client Zero

Let me be clear…ALL of our clients are extremely important to us. But I have to say….THESE particular clients hold a very special place in my heart and in my business. You see…these clients, Eddie and Rachel, were the very first clients that trusted me to help them purchase a home back in 2010. For clarification, I was fortunate to have some very dear friends who trusted me to help them purchase a home before I met Eddie and Rachel, but Eddie and Rachel were the first people I met that didn’t know me and chose me as their Realtor. I was extremely green, had very little experience to go on but I knew one thing…NO ONE would work harder for their clients than I would. I put ALL of my faith in THAT fact and mustered up some artificial self-confidence and went out to sell some homes. Five years and more than 100 buyers and sellers later, I was once again privileged to be able to help Eddie and Rachel SELL the home they purchased with me back in 2010 AND buy their new dream home in the exact community they wanted to raise their family in.

I cannot tell you how much it means to me when clients reach back out to us to help them for a second, third, or fourth time. It is humbling to realize that we have built that kind of relationship and trust with them. In this case, to realize I had started building those types of relationship from the VERY BEGINNING of my career…let me just say that today I truly considered myself successful.

Congratulations, Eddie, Rachel, Reagan and baby on the way. It has been such a pleasure being your Realtor. Thank you for the opportunity!
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